Online education FAQ

How to receive a student email address

To receive a student account you must fill in the form at the following link:

When data is filled in CORRECTLY within a few days, access data will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by you.

In case of lost password or missing data for student e-mail access

In case of loss of password or in case you have not received your data for access to your student account, write to , indicating the problem and provide full names, faculty, course, faculty number and PIN, or a photo with clearly visible student ID data.

In case of problems with entering the student email address

PC access:

To access your account via PC you need to open your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox or other), go to:, fill in the entire email address in the email field: *, then copy and paste your password in the password field. We recommend that you do not enter the password manually, as you may not be able to read some of the characters correctly.

If you encounter any difficulties, make a printscreen of the error you see and send it to , along with a detailed description of the problem, your names and faculty number.

Access from Android devices (phone, tablet)

Information on adding and using a second account (i.e your student email) can be found here:

Add or remove a Google Account on an Android device

Sign in to multiple Google Accounts at once

Connect your work and personal apps

Please note that each phone manufacturer makes specific changes to the Android operating system, according to their needs, and there may be differences in how to add a second account. Therefore, it is best to follow the instructions provided in your phone device and those described by Google support.

You may have difficulty connecting and downloading emails from your account, for which you'll be notified. The most common reason for this is the network settings of the device, which is set to use only Wi-Fi connection.

Missing courses in Google Classroom

It is possible to add you to a room without receiving an invitation to your e-mail. Therefore, it is best to log in to the application and check the classes to which you have already been added. To access the Classroom, please follow the instructions at the following link:

In case of missing items, it is best to contact the relevant teachers or ask your colleagues for the codes of the relevant rooms and try to join on your own. If this is not possible, contact the relevant department or ask for contact information from the Education Department.

Change the language in Gmail

You can change the language of your choice by following the instructions here: